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The signs of piles or hemorrhoids are multiple & vary from individual to individual. For most people hemorrhoids do not creep up on them. The warning signs may be there but some signs of piles are subtle & therefore basically dismissed or ignored.

Piles or hemorrhoids are a problematic & painful medical condition. Piles happens if for any reason there is a pressure on anal veins that ends in their rapture. People suffering from piles experience swelling in the veins of rectum & feels inflammation & burning sensation around their anus. There is a general feeling of discomfort & face pain when passing chair. Sometimes in extreme cases the discomfort continues even after passing chair & often people suffering from piles have issues in sitting for a long time.

Usually people suffering from piles have itching sensation around the anal area. Often they feel a burning sensation in the coursework of passing the chair. In extreme cases there may be blood & mucus in the chair. In the case of bleeding piles often they may experience heavy bleeding occasionally like periods & can stain their undergarments. Also there may be some lump around the anal area.

There's various reasons that may cause plies. Sometimes there is hereditary reason for this issue. Also people in elderly age may experience piles because of weakening of the vein walls. Also ladies experience piles in the coursework of pregnancy because of hormonal changes. However extended constipation is of the major reason for piles in most of the adults. Usually people suffering from constipation put lot of pressure in the coursework of passing chair that damages the veins & arteries in the area around anus & that ends in the inflammation & swelling. Sometimes frequent dysentery can also aggrevate the issue of piles.

Strenuous physical exercise & sometimes sitting in incorrect postures for long times can also trigger issue of piles. Sometimes defective dietary habits ends in piles. Usually individuals who eat low fiber diet & do not include fresh vegetables, fruits or whole grains in their diet are most likely to suffer from this issue. Irregular meals may cause piles. Also eating much of spicy food may cause issue of piles.

In most of the cases treatment of piles disease is feasible by simple dietry majors. must include lots of raw vegetables, fresh fruits & whole grains in their diet to increase the intake of fibre. Drinking lots of water also helps. However in the case of extreme issue it is always advisable to think about a doctor to get rid of this issue.

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Causes of Piles Disease

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This article was published on 2011/08/01